Pool Equipment Repair & Installation

Equipment Installation

small pool generatorNeed a new system or appliance installed on your pool but aren’t sure what to do? We’re here to help. In addition to building and installing swimming pools, Sanchez Pools technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in pool equipment installation, and we’re more than happy to install filters, chlorine generators, pump valves, pressure gauges, heaters, lights, and more. We can install supplies from all the major brands and can make recommendations if you’re not sure what systems would be most beneficial for your pool. Whether it’s a replacement part or a new addition to your pool, we’ll be there to get the job done quickly but carefully.


Over time and through frequent use, pieces of your pool equipment may need to be repaired or replaced. Swimming pools require a bit of maintenance and regular upkeep, so when your cleaning equipment breaks down it can stand in the way of fully enjoying your pool. If you’re experiencing problems with your pool equipment, don’t hesitate to call Sanchez Pools! We repair pumps, filters, heaters, automatic controls, blower motors, valves, plumbing, and chlorinators.

A pool is an investment, and proper maintenance and care is the most important part of ensuring you get the best longevity out of your pool. This doesn’t just include the care of tiles and chlorine levels, but the functionality of your pool equipment. If filters or automatic pool cleaners aren’t working correctly, the safety and health of your pool is at risk. And not only that, but your pool definitely won’t look its best when it’s overrun with algae and debris.

Luckily, issues with pool equipment are easily resolved with the help of a Sanchez Pools professional. Our pool technicians are repair experts, taking the stressful work off your hands so you can simply enjoy your pool.

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