10 Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean

As summer starts to heat up, you’ll want to spend a lot of time cooling off in your pool. Properly maintaining your pool and keeping it clean will let you rest assured that the next time you’re hit with a hot and humid day, you can jump into your pool on a moments notice.

Tips for keeping your pool clean

  1. Check chemistry and keep levels balanced You should check your pool’s chemistry 2 to 3 times a week during the summer when it is getting the most use.
  2. Clean out skimmer baskets at least once a week You can also purchase a net to act as a hand skimmer to catch any remaining debris. When debris sinks to the bottom of the pool, it is harder to remove.
  3. Check the water levels every 3 to 4 weeks and refill as needed The more you use the pool, the quicker it tends to drain due to splashing and swimming. This is normal, but make sure the water line doesn’t fall below the skimmer or you could damage your pool’s pumps. This will also help you catch any leaks the more frequently you check.
  4. Clean the tile along your pool’s water lines weekly to prevent buildup and remove calcium deposits.
  5. Keep food, animals, and chemicals like fertilizer away from the pool This can cut down on unwanted litter in your pool and keep family and friends safe.
  6. Vacuum your pool once a week Vacuuming for about 30 minutes will give your pool a deep clean and remove any hard-to-reach dirt or debris collecting at the bottom.
  7. Protect your pool from storms If you know a summer storm is on its way, cover your pool and make sure the ends are secured so the cover doesn’t blow away. If the storm takes you by surprise, follow it with a thorough cleaning of your pool to remove debris, check pH levels, vacuum up dirt, and brush the walls. You may also want to hose down the deck to prevent anyone from dragging mud into the pool.
  8. Stay on top of chlorine levels Depending on how often you use your pool, you may need to add chlorine several times a week to keep it clean and sanitary.
  9. Cover your pool as much as possible If you only use your pool on weekends, consider covering it during the week to protect it from falling leaves and additional dirt. It might sound like a hassle, but it will ultimately save you time on cleaning it out.
  10. Hire a professional If you are incredibly busy and don’t have ample time to clean your pool, considering hiring a professional who can help you keep up with the maintenance and cleaning schedules.

Owning a pool may seem like a lot of work, but keeping it clean will save you from complications down the road. Once you have a cleaning routine in place, general upkeep of your pool becomes much easier. It will also ensure that you’ll get the most enjoyment possible out of your pool!

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