8 Tips for a Memorable Pool Party

The temperatures may be on their way down, but in Texas that just means that it’s time to take advantage of the mild weather and keep cool by the pool!

What better way to enjoy the perfect fall days than to get together with some great friends and family and throw a pool party that they’ll never forget? If you’re looking to be the host with the most, you’re gonna need some inspiration and a few tried and true ideas to make your party shine.

1. Bring the Barbecue

Texas is famous for barbecue and Texans are ingrained with barbecue know-how. Show everyone how loved they are and how skilled you are by holding a big, old-fashioned barbecue cook-out. Don’t forget those who prefer produce, however. Throw some old favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, but make sure you’ve got some great vegetable skewers or stuffed jalapenos for vegetable lovers.

2. Make Beautiful Music

Well, you don’t necessarily have to make the music, just supply it. Rock ‘n Roll classics are always a hit and are often family friendly. Crank up the tunes loud enough so everyone can enjoy the music, but don’t let it overshadow the conversation. Also, be sure to keep conscious of your neighbors and don’t upset them with music that keeps them awake or disturbs the things they’re trying to enjoy. Don’t be afraid to invite them to your party, either!

3. Light the Way

And speaking of staying awake, the party vibe may take you into the depths of night, and you’re gonna need a way to keep the good times rolling. Preparing some lighting beforehand will prevent any hiccups in the party atmosphere and lets you control how long the party lasts. There are some unique outdoor lighting options such as lanterns and ground lighting that can be installed near your pool. If you’re unequipped, use tiki torches for that far away feel, or even try glow sticks to keep the color coming.

Sanchez pools also has custom lighting options that will keep your party afloat all night long.

4. Put out the Paper

If you’re looking to add a touch of class and a bit of vintage to your party, you can add paper straws to your drink bar. They are long-lasting and punch up the look of your drinks without the need for mini umbrellas. Some paper straws are made to be easily biodegradable, so even if you miss a few on cleanup, they won’t trash your pool.

5. Get Gaming

Having some games prepared will keep your guests lively and entertained. Pool volleyball requires only a net and a volleyball – and of course, your pool. Two teams of any size can bring the heat while staying cool in the pool. Water horse is another great alternative – just bring a basketball and a piece of plywood with a hole into your pool and try to sink the ball into the plywood from anywhere in the pool. Ramp up the difficulty by throwing from the deep end!

6. Set Out Some Snacks

In Texas, chips and salsa are always a great go-to item. Guacamole is a fantastic crowd-pleaser, but don’t leave it out too long. You can keep your guacamole and salsa on ice along with some fresh fruit if your party is going the distance. It’s a good idea to provide both sweet and salty options for different tastes.

7. Calm Down With Some Cooldowns

At some point, your party will start to wind down, but the marathoners who are left are sure to be craving one last bit of entertainment. Ease everyone out of the party by setting up some time for recovering and a bit of storytelling. Have some funny stories as well as some interesting ones set up to help bring things to a close.

8. Prepare a Personal Invite

Whether it’s electronically or by paper, send out some invites to your guests to make sure everyone has the details and knows what to bring. You might have prepared some activities that require some help from you friends and not even realize it. Keep everyone in the know and keep the fun alive by getting some cool-looking invites out to your friends and family.

Remember to be responsible at all parties and always practice safety first. Keep an eye on children and always consider your neighbors. Be a great host and your pool will be the talk of the town!

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