8 Tips for Closing Your Pool This Winter

14551782_mlIt’s still rather warm in Central Texas, but it’ll be December before you know it and that means temperatures in TX steadily dropping. Usually, this signals the end of swimming pool season. Before you close your pool for winter, here are a few easy and helpful tips to keep in mind. A proper pool closing means you’ll be able to get back to swimming as soon as possible once it warms up again!

1. Plan ahead. Having an idea beforehand of when you want to close your pool will save you from the annoyance of having to rush through the job when temperatures suddenly drop 20 degrees and an unexpected hail storm hits.

2.Keep chemicals balanced, even in winter. In Texas and surrounding areas, you may need less chlorine because cooler climates mean less algae, but it’s still necessary. Keep an eye on chemical levels.

3. It’s recommended that you buy a cover to keep ice, rain, snow, and debris out of your pool until you’re ready to re-open it. This saves you a lot of work in the long run.

4. If you’re not covering your pool, be sure to rake out any leaves or other fallen debris and make sure filters don’t get clogged.

5. Keep water at the proper levels throughout winter, as it can help support the weight of the pool cover. The appropriate water level often depend on the material out of which the cover is made, so check with the manufacturer (it may be on the cover’s container) for their specific recommendations.

6. Treat algae problems before you close your pool. Pesky algae issues will only worsen over the winter, leaving you with a costly green mess when spring rolls around. This cuts into your swim time and you may also collect a nest of mosquitos in the process.

7. Clean and drain your equipment of any excess water, including the filter, pump, heater, and chlorinator. This will prevent freezing and cracking.

8. Organize all your pool equipment and accessories before you put everything away. It sounds like an obvious or even annoying extra step, but once spring arrives, you’ll be glad you did it. All your pool supplies will be in their proper place and ready to use!

Another aspect to keep in mind is covering your deck and patio furniture or moving it inside. Even if you don’t live in an area that gets snow, safely storing furniture and deck accessories will prevent damages from the elements. Come springtime, just uncover all your furniture and your work is done!

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