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Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Pool Deck

Looking to revamp the area around your pool? Whether you want a quick upgrade or a total overhaul, we’ve got some ideas that can bring new life to your pool deck!

Festive Lighting

You can change the entire mood of your yard by switching up your lighting. Candles are relatively inexpensive, easy to find, and provide a sense of warmth and tranquility. White, unscented tea lights scattered on your patio table are simple and elegant, while mixing and matching candles of different heights and sizes can make for a soft, eclectic look. You can kill two birds with one stone with citronella candles – they’ll keep your living space well-lit and ward off mosquitoes.

Many people also enjoy tiki torches, which make pool-goers feel like they’re on a tropical island. They’re low maintenance, repel bugs, and can burn brightly for hours.

For effortless creative lighting, string up some Chinese lanterns or even clear-colored holiday lights around dining and lounging areas. Not only do they add some charm to your living space, but they provide soft lighting once the sun goes down – perfect for entertaining friends or enjoying dinner outside.

Vibrant Plants

Plants are an easy, eco-friendly way to add some brightness and texture to your yard. Flowers can especially brighten up the area around your pool. They add a pop of color and exhale pleasant fragrances into the air. Some people like to build a garden bed near the pool to simulate a natural-looking environment. If this isn’t your style, other options are to plant some shrubs around the perimeter of your yard or decorate the patio area with potted or hanging plants. There will obviously be a little more maintenance work when you add plants, but for many, the effort is worth it.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years, and with good reason. Having a kitchen you can easily access from your deck simplifies the way you utilize your pool and patio. It’s no longer just an ordinary patio or pool deck – now it’s an additional living space. Imagine having an Independence Day party and being able to grill and prepare food without rushing around! You can mingle with your guests as you cook, and you don’t have to worry about dropping any dishes as you transport them from the kitchen. Having your kitchen right outside with you saves everyone the extra time and trouble.

Outdoor Cabana or Pergola

Cabanas open up a world of possibilities for your outdoor living space, depending how you furnish them. You can create a peaceful retreat by adding drapery and including a lounge chair, cushions, blankets, and candles. It’s the perfect place for reading or a nap in the shade.

Conversely, your cabana can also become everyone’s new favorite place to relax during a party. Many people add comfortable patio furniture, a coffee table, and a rug beneath their cabana to create another “room” outside. It’s a great spot for entertaining guests or enjoying the nice weather. For those who like having meals outside, another idea is to build a dining area under your cabana or pergola with a dinner table and chairs.

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