How to Make Your Pool Deck Less Slippery When Wet

The safety of your family is essential, especially when it comes to your home, including your pool. Slip-and-fall injuries are amongst the most common in the U.S., which is why it’s important to ensure your pool deck is as safe as possible.

Why is My Pool Deck Slippery?

It’s usually not just one factor, but a combination of conditions. The first is that pool decks tend to be much wetter areas than any other part of one’s environment. In some areas of the country, algae can even grow in crevices and on other surfaces, contributing to the overall slipperiness. Plus, since you’re not usually wearing shoes near the pool, the surface is even slicker than any other wet surfaces you find regularly.

Get a Textured Deck to Increase Traction

If your pool deck is too slippery, there are several options that will allow you to have a safer, more enjoyable poolside area. Here are some of the top surfaces to help take the worry out of your pool time.

Poured Concrete

The most economical of the options, poured concrete can be textured, embedded, coated, and more. It can also be finished to look like stone, tile, or any number of other materials. Unlike some of its counterparts, concrete is also cooler to the touch (when not tinted a dark shade), making it a comfortable option for sunny pool areas.


A slightly more expensive option, the pleasant texture of flagstone allows for good contact and less slippage than other stone options, such as marble.

Textured Tile

If you’re more fond of the look of tile, there are many options out there developed specifically for use in wet areas such as pool decks, locker rooms, and patios.

Pool Deck Coatings

Do you love your pool deck, but find it to be a little worn and too smooth to be safe? There’s a solution for that, too! Pool deck coatings can be applied over existing decks to weatherproof and retexturize, rejuvenating the look and functionality of your pool area.

General Pool Deck Safety

While footing is probably the most important part of pool deck safety, there are other things you can do to increase safety around your pool.

  • Keep furniture and other items several feet from the pool’s edge. By creating ample walking space, you can help prevent accidental fall-in.
  • Do not allow glass or other breakable materials in the pool area. Broken glass is hard to see and can cut feet.
  • Light the area adequately to ensure the pool is easily seen.

Keeping your pool deck clean and well-maintained is just as important as doing the same for the pool itself. If you are looking for tips or recommendations on rejuvenating your pool deck, call Sanchez Pools today!

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