Pool Deck Ideas to Stand Out in Your Backyard

For summer lounging, there’s nowhere better to rest than your swimming pool deck. Whether you’re drying off from a quick dip or watching the kids play, your pool deck can be the perfect oasis during sweltering summer heat. To really make your backyard stand out, try some of these unique pool deck decorations.

Towel Rack

Every pool deck needs a handy towel rack for wet swimsuits and towels. You can buy a pre-made one for the task, or you can try one of these crafty DIY ideas yourself.
Old Door Towel Rack: Use an old door and some hooks to craft your own towel rack.
Clean Towel Rack: If you need something a little smaller, try this DIY using metal cleats and a board.
Towel Tree: Are you up for a little more of a DIY challenge? This towel tree is chic and functional.

Outdoor Lighting

Your pool decorations should be as useful as they are pretty. Outdoor lighting lets you enjoy your deck after the sun goes down, and the ambiance is striking. Your options for pool lights just depend on your budget and design style.
String Lights: Purchase string lights to hang around the railing of your deck, or build posts on the deck corners and loop the lights overhead.
Solar Lights: Solar lights are ideal if you don’t have an outlet near your deck. They use the sun’s energy to charge up during the day and then last for hours after dark on their reserves.
Lanterns: Lanterns come in many styles, including tabletop and hanging. A single lantern doesn’t put off much light, but the glow is beautiful if you combine several or use them with other lighting.


Every outdoor space needs a little greenery to liven things up. Your pool deck is no exception. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Pest Repellent Plants

Some plants repel pests like mosquitoes and other insects.

  • Lemon Balm smells like citrus and keeps the bugs away.
  • Catnip repels mosquitoes, but cats love it.
  • Lavender smells wonderful, and mosquitoes, moths, and flies won’t come near it.

Heat Tolerant Plants

With San Antonio’s perpetual hot weather, make sure the plants you choose are heat tolerant. Here are a few that are perfect for warm climates:

  • Succulents are well-known for their drought tolerance.
  • Bamboo grows quickly and should be kept in a container.
  • Banana trees come with red or yellow edges, and they can grow quite large.

For your pool deck, functionality is just as important as visual appeal. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your design to make your pool area beautiful and relaxing.

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