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According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 people die each day nationwide from unintentional drowning. And tragically, two of those killed each day are 14 years or younger.

Drowning ranks fifth in the United States in leading causes of unintentional injury death, with an average of 3,536 deaths occurring annually. This is again according to data from the CDC.

While the national data is a bit overwhelming, that’s not to say that building a pool in your backyard is a bad idea. Quite the contrary – designing, building and enjoying your very own swimming pool is simply a joy that’s unlike any other.

It can bring you years of happiness and create great memories. Not only of you but also of your children and your family and friends. It is, however, important to follow certain pool water safety tips and rules, especially when young children are involved.

Our San Antonio pool builders will share with you useful tips for safe swimming.

Always Have An Adult Nearby

In every pool safety tips at the community pool, they always reminding people with an adult supervision when entering pools. Even if you feel you’re a great swimmer, you never know when you may need help and you should always have an adult nearby when going for a swim. Be sure to let an adult know when you want to enjoy the swimming pool, so he or she can keep an eye on you at all times.

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Always Wear Sunscreen

Now, this isn’t a life or death safety concern, but it is something that could cause you a great deal of discomfort if you don’t apply an adequate amount of sunscreen. You don’t want to get sunburned and be dealing with those physical ailments for several days.

No Running

Just like the lifeguards always tell you at the community pool, running can lead to injuries and should be avoided. Not to mention that you could also injure others, as well as yourself. It’s best to avoid running at all times, in order to keep you and those around you safe.

Why not a Pool Fence?

Sanchez Pools Inc.- Pool Fence San Antonio Contractors Recommend: 

Pool experts recommend a pool fence in San Antonio that’s at least four feet tall, which is secure enough to keep kids from squeezing through or jumping over. Make sure that the pool fence has no handholds or footholds for them to climb over, and you might even want to consider having some kind of a security system in place as well. It’s much better to be safe than sorry! Our swimming pool repair San Antonio team can quickly install a pool fence at your location within one day in most cases.

Secure Your Gate With A Lock

The next pool safety tips for kids is you need an assured security pool gates. The best gates you can buy are self-closing and self-latching and be sure to position the latches well out of the reach of children. You can also, as with the fencing topic above, install an alarm that will alert you if the gate has been opened.

Check The Depth Of The Water

Other pool safety tips for kids is you need to check if the water is too shallow, you can get seriously injured or even die if you attempt to dive in head first. If the depth of the water is not clearly marked on the side of the pool, either ask someone or jump in feet first to check the depth before making a mistake you will regret forever. Our pool cleaning San Antonio technicians will typically ensure your water levels are correct if you are part of our weekly maintenance program.

Consider An Alarm System

Other than having a contractor barricade your pool, you can get an alarm system that will alert you if anyone jumps or falls into the swimming pool when you’re not around.  If you’re in the house, for example, and the alarm goes off, you can go outside to check immediately and ensure that there’s no imminent danger in or around your swimming pool.

Secure Doors And Windows

If you have doors and/or windows that lead to the pool, consider securing them so that kids don’t have unauthorized access to the pool area from inside the house. This is especially important for young children, who have a tendency to wander when not being watched and could easily be drawn to your swimming pool in the backyard.

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