Pool Safety

Pool safety is very important and sometimes overlooked. Accidental drowning is the #1 cause of deaths for children ages 1-4 according to the CDC. Sanchez Pools always promotes pool safety, so we put together some tips and even some helpful products you can use to make your pool safer for everyone.

Make Sure Everyone Can Swim

Summer is a popular time to host guests and have a pool party, so make sure that everyone can swim. Some children might not have learned yet, and you will need to keep a close eye on them when they are around the pool. Tell your guests that pool safety is a top concern of yours so everyone can keep a watchful eye on the pool festivities.

Pool Nets and Covers, Fences, and Alarms

Technology in pool safety has come a long way in the recent years. The industry has created all kinds of safety measures to fit your pool’s needs.

Pool Nets and Covers

These simple but effective nets and covers stretch across your pool, preventing children or toys from falling into the water. Pool nets are great for keeping a low profile so you can still take in your surroundings.

Pool covers can handle the weight of small children and can prevent many accidental fall-ins. Nets are great for keeping your pool aired and open while covers can help keep out leaves and other falling debris.

Pool Fences

A pool fence can provide the best defense against curious children. When up, the fence may obscure your view of your backyard slightly; however, these fences can help ensure pool safety.

Most fence models can be easily removed from around your pool so you can enjoy a completely unobscured view. You can also install a gate for easy access to your pool when needed. This option is good for people who do not want anyone near their pool until they say so.

Pool Alarms

State of the art alarms can be installed on the side of your pool and will detect if the anything over 15 pounds falls into your pool. These alarms are great for alerting you to any accidental fall-ins so you can immediately respond.

Many models also have receivers that you can place in your home so you can hear it even if you are not outside. These pool alarms are a great way to backup any existing pool safety measures you have already put into place.

Do You Know CPR?

Knowing CPR can save lives and not just for drowning victims. One or more people in your household should know CPR. If you need to learn CPR, there are many online courses that you can do to become certified. Here is a quick guide on how to perform CPR. (Note:this should not substitute for taking an online course from professionals).

  1. Call Someone For Help
    If the person in need is not breathing or breathing irregularly, you should call 911.
  2. Pump
    Find the center of the chest between the pectoral muscles and begin pushing down on the chest. Pump fast and hard at least 100 times per minute.
  3. Blow
    Tilt the victim’s head back and lift the chin towards the sky. With your fingers, pinch their nose and cover their mouth with your own. Blow into their mouth until you see the chest rise. Do this twice; each breath should take around 1 second.
  4. Repeat
    Continue the last two steps until professional help arrives.

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