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Purchasing pool equipment can get overwhelming fast. When you are dealing with pool contractors trying to sell you extraneous items, you can forget a pool is supposed to be fun. However, it can quickly become a source of anxiety and headaches. Some contractors force you to make substantial investments to cover mounting costs. They may leave you high and dry, leaving you with a bill that’s far more than you expected.

Sanchez Pools likes to work differently. We have come up with a basic list of the equipment your pool needs. While we are more than ready to help you out with any of your pool equipment needs, it is important to know what is necessary. You need to get the most from your pool at all times.

Pump and Filtration Device

When you are installing a pool, cleanliness is paramount. It is tremendously important to get a pump as well as a filtration device. While you can have both independently of each other, the two machines work perfectly in tandem. The functionality of these two devices put together boost their effectiveness and make your pool something to behold.

The pump functions by churning the water at all times. This helps on particularly calm days where the water seems more like a sheet of glass than a place for swimming. The pump forces water into strategic areas, allowing the water to get cleaned out by the filtration unit. Once through, you have fresh water push back into the pool from the filter by the pump. There are three different kinds of filters that you can invest in:

Hayward cartridge pool filters

Cartridge filters are mostly found in above ground pools. They can be relatively easy to maintain, as the cartridge is within the above-ground pump. A cartridge filter also provides good results and requires fairly regular maintenance. The cartridge also needs to be replaced about every three years.


Sand filters are often considered the lowest maintenance of all filters. A sand filter places specially crafted sand into a filter. Then, the filter grabs incredibly small dirt particles between the sand granules. Whereas other filters may require frequent changing, a sand filter usually needs to be replaced after seven years.

Hayward DE filter on grass
A diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filter is considered the best on the market. All filters trap dirt, but what sets the D.E. filters apart is its ability to trap particles down to 3 microns. To give you perspective, a grain of sand is 100 microns wide. While this may sound great, a D.E. filter also requires a regular application of specialized D.E. powder to get the best results. Your water may be crystal clear, but be ready to put in a good amount of work.
Leaf Net
A leaf net is not necessarily needed. However, depending on where you live, it could make your life much easier. If you reside in a highly wooded area and want to maintain a picturesque pool, you will need to invest in a leaf net. This will help cut down on the amount of maintenance you will need to do when the summer begins to wind down.
It is imperative that a leaf net be larger than your pool. This gives more coverage to the entire pool and helps prevent debris from entering. If the net is smaller, you will invite more hazards to enter the water, creating problems for your pool’s cleanliness and potential problems for your filtration system.
There are few things as relaxing as a swim. What happens when you want to let off steam in the pool but it is nighttime? A porch light can only extend so far, which is why you may need to invest in some additional lighting. This can add a whole new layer for your pool use.Lights can be installed by the walkway to light up the pool area. This can create a roomy feel, greeting visitors and welcoming them into the sectioned off area. These lights can also evoke the mood you desire, helping craft a complete experience for the poolside people.
You can also install lighting underwater. The beauty of the deep blue water can now shine 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can also cast a blue glow on the surrounding area, creating an ethereal experience.
If you want to make the investment in quality pool equipment without anyone trying to short change you, contact Sanchez Pools, Inc. Our pool technicians are waiting to answer your questions. Call now and get the best pool equipment in Austin now.
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