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Average Costs for Lawn Maintenance


A good percentage of American homeowners crave lush green grass that becomes the envy of the neighborhood. Every year by the time Spring rolls around, these folks are out and about trying to create this perfect outdoor paradise.

But while this is a worthwhile goal, creating the lawn of your dreams isn’t always attainable from a financial standpoint. That perfect lawn doesn’t come cheaply, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an outdoor landscaping project that you’ll be proud of. 

The first step in creating a beautiful lawn is deciding on how much you want to spend on upkeep and maintenance. There’s a lot you can do with an outdoor living space, but determining a budget you can stick to is of the utmost importance.

And don’t forget that keeping your yard looking its best can not only take a good deal of money, but also a huge investment when it comes to time and effort. That is, unless you hire someone to do the work for you.

Let’s look at some numbers:


Cutting the Grass

This will need to be done during much of the year. How often and for how many months depends largely on the climate in the area you call home.

It’s hard to develop a set cost for lawn mowing as there are so many factors involved. How large is your yard? How often does the grass need to be cut? Are you going to hire a professional landscaping service or just let a teenager from the neighborhood take care of it?




Find the right fit for you

On average, cutting the grass can cost as little as $20 or $30 if you have a small yard and you’re just hiring a friend or neighbor, or as much as $150 or more if you’re calling in the professionals.

If you need someone to cut the grass at your home or business, make some calls and find the right fit for you.

This will need to be done during much of the year. How often and for how many months depends largely on the climate in the area you call home.

Fertilizing, Mulching, Etc.

There’s a lot more that goes into creating a beautiful lawn than simply setting up sprinklers and having someone come in to cut the grass once a week. And this is also going to cost you some time and money.

Examples that fall under this category include fertilizing, watering, mulching, weeding (see below) and cleaning up tree limbs, pine cones and other debris.

Professional landscaping services can handle any of the jobs mentioned above, but they can vary in price and you’ll need to look into this ahead of time. Also, be sure to vet these companies before letting them come onto your property.


Trimming Trees and Bushes

Depending on the size of the trees and what you need to have done, this could be done by either a landscaping service or a professional tree care company. Or perhaps both, if there are a number of trees you want to have trimmed and they vary in size and height.

Dead trees and limbs can be dangerous, particularly if they’re close to your home as they can easily be knocked over during heavy storms.

It’s best to get these trees removed when you can. But it can get costly, so be sure to shop around.

Weed Control and Elimination

One of the things that can really harm a lawn is letting weeds grow unchecked. There are a lot of different chemicals you can spray to kill these yard pests, but you’ll want to be sure you’re not killing the grass as well.

And be sure if you’re using chemicals that they’re out of the reach of children and that you’re also taking precautions to protect yourself.



– This article was written by Faux Lawns of Texas

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