New Pool Construction

The pool building specialists at Sanchez Pools build more than your standard backyard pool. We create entire aquatic landscapes with a life of their own.

Let the Sanchez Pools pool builders craft a summer paradise that feels both far away and close to home. Work closely with our builders to plan the escape you’ve always dreamed of – then build it right in your backyard.

What’s special about our pools?

swimming pool in a backyard
Each of our pools is carefully planned and meticulously constructed to meet the highest standards. With a pool from Sanchez Pools, you can enjoy:

  • Safety

    We use natural surfaces around our pools and take the time to properly shape and dry our building materials so you don’t have to worry about damage or injury.

  • Luxury

    Our pools are built for those who want a getaway right outside their homes. Relax during your leisure time or host parties at a pool with beauty that stands out.

  • Customizability

    Each pool matches your dream pool as closely as possible in design and scale. Our builders can take your input and create a pool that fits your needs and your budget.

What kind of accessories can I add?

Add flair and utility to your newly constructed pool with our large range of pool equipment, including:

  • Water Treatment
  • Filtering
  • Lighting
  • Remote Control
  • Automatic Pool Cleaning

Ask your new pool construction specialist about what unique options are available for your new pool!

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Additional Services

While pools are our specialty, we also feature a suite of others services to complete your Summer paradise at home.

Deck Remodeling

A deck ties in the entire yard into a beautiful paradise while providing a perfect addition to your pool. If your deck is losing its luster or if you would like to complement your new pool, we also provide deck remodeling as well as installation services. We settle for nothing short of excellence and provide a variety of stones and arrangements to perfect your deck.


Perfect your oasis and shade away the Texas sun with one of our cabanas. Made to withstand wind or rain, they are the best way to complement your new pool and create a place to rest after a swim. Likewise, they can be converted to a beautiful living space outside as well as a dining area for those Summer nights with friends and family.

Kitchen Installation

Having an outdoor kitchen to complement your pool is an added bonus to any house, and we provide an upscale solution by offering a kitchen installation service. No longer will you have to step away from your guests or to grab a drink with our outdoor solutions.

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