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Backyard swimming pools are a great place to soak up some sun, and they also provide a sanctuary from the hot weather (especially during scorching summers in Texas!). Some homeowners love their pool for the added beauty it brings to their yard; that is, unless they have a pool in bad shape. If you have a swimming pool that’s unappealing to look at (let alone swim in), our pool resurfacing San Antonio team can bring new life to it. Likewise, you should have your pool resurfaced if the floor is cracked or feels rough.


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If your pool is new and was properly installed, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to have it resurfaced soon afterward. Gunite pools are usually lined with a concrete layer up to a foot thick with a final finish laid over the top. This top layer typically lasts 10 to 15 years, and this is the same layer that is redone in a pool resurfacing project. Pool replastering helps bring the “newness” factor back to your pool. Pool plaster is relatively inexpensive and can do wonders to give your pool a new and polished look. Pool repair companies can get costly for any homeowner especially if it was your mistake.

Although many people will try to do a pool replastering project themselves, it is highly recommended that you let a professional tackle the job. Our pool resurfacing San Antonio experts can usually finish the job in 3-4 days, if you choose to do it yourself you could be left with a leaky pool and have to start over.

The pool plaster San Antonio specialists at Sanchez Pools have years of experience in pool plastering and pool resurfacing and can give your swimming pool the overhaul it needs. After draining your pool and chipping out the old plaster, we will apply several new layers of plaster that is typically mixed with limestone or marble sand. Pool replastering is an affordable option that delivers a powerful seal and can last for up to 7 years. We deliver only the highest quality work so you can feel safe using your swimming pool.


If you have a pool in need of plastering resurfacing, contact Sanchez Pools. We are some of the leading pool remodeling San Antonio experts in San Antonio. Simply give us a call and we can give you an accurate estimate on the cost of your pool resurfacing project. Brighten your pool and improve its durability with a resurfacing from the experts at Sanchez. Your pool or spa will be pleasant to look at and swim in again!

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