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Swimming pools look beautiful all on their own, but a deck can provide the elegant framework that ties the whole yard together. However, like any other outdoor fixture in your home, decks can eventually lose their luster through harsh weather or regular “wear and tear.” Not only does this affect your pool area’s appearance, but it can be dangerous to have a torn up or uneven deck near your pool, especially since its surface is often slippery. Our pool resurfacing San Antonio technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in looking at your pools surface and deck area.

If you have a deck that’s looking less-than-perfect, Sanchez Pools is proud to offer you its pool deck remodeling services. Renovating pool decks is one of our specialties. We can repair any tile or flagstone work that’s gotten run down or needs regrouting. We’ll bring life back into your yard! All of our work is superior in quality and takes your safety into consideration. When you hire Sanchez Pools for your pool deck remodeling project, you can trust that you’ll not only get the best products and services but the best customer care.

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Likewise, if you need a newly designed deck, we are happy to help. We install pool decks for homes all over the San Antonio area and would love to discuss all the different options with you. We also specialize in pool deck remodeling, something most people like to add to their pools in addition to resurfacing.

Our pools come in many different sizes and shapes, and the same is true for their surrounding decks. Accent your pool and spa area with several different stone colors and arrangements, staircases, hot tubs, or even add luxurious features like waterfalls or attached gardens. You won’t be getting “just another pool” – our pools and decks are customized to fit your preferences! We love that everyone’s pool setting is individualized and showcases their sense of creativity. Our custom pool team wont settle for anything less than excellence. Our pool decks are a solid investment that you can enjoy for years. Sanchez Pools is your top choice and most affordable compared to other companies. Sanchez Pools are a group of professional pool contractors San Antonio home owners trust.

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