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The Benefits of Installing LED Pool Lighting

If you’re still using old-school incandescent lights in your pool, it might be time to move up to LED pool lighting. LEDs have come a long way in the last few years, and they are changing the face of swimming pool lighting everywhere.

Our pool construction San Antonio team have been installing LED lights for our customers for years and wanted to tell you about some of the benefits of LED lighting:

What Are LED Pool Lights?

LED Pool lights are the new standard in swimming pool lighting design. LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has been around a while, but has become more popular lately due to the modern emphasis on green appliances and energy-efficient electronics. LEDs are slowly replacing incandescent bulbs, which can be inefficient for most lighting needs. Like CFT bulbs, LED bulbs cost more up front, but lasts longer.

Advantages of LED Lighting

LED pool lights offer a number of advantages. Incandescent bulbs usually run from 300 to 500 watts, while LED bulbs use as little as 42 watts, consuming less energy. And they can instantly change the mood of your pool with a variety of lighting patterns. LED lights are perfect for night swimming, which is nice during the winter when the days are shorter and it gets dark much earlier. Also, nice LED lighting can be a great way on how to decorate a pool and give your pool the looks that you prefer.

Eco-Friendly LED Pool Lights

LED lights are also eco-friendly. Incandescent bulbs need heat to light the filament, wasting 90 percent of their energy. LEDs operate by electrons moving through semiconductor material, resulting in almost no heat.

LED Lights Last Longer

LEDs last much longer than incandescent bulbs. An LED-rated bulb of 50,000 hours will last 50 times longer than an incandescent. That’s nine times longer than a CFL bulb, and 23 times longer than an average halogen.

LED Pool Lighting Saves You Money

Because they use less electricity, you’ll save on energy bills when you use LEDs. Any extra cost upfront is gained back over time due to the longer life of the bulb and lower energy use. Due to their current popularity, the price for LEDs bulbs has dropped considerably.

Variety of Color Changing LED Lights

LED Pool lights will not only cut the energy costs of your old 500-watt R-40 incandescent flood lamps, but they also come in multiple colors and a variety of changing light patterns. Fix each light on a single color or set the mood for anything, from a dance party to a relaxing evening, with one of the preset dynamic color changing programs.

The days of uniform white incandescent 500-watt lamps are over — now, you can make your swimming pool come alive with every color in the rainbow while using less energy and saving money.

If you’re interested in installing LED lights for your pool, contact us today!

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