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Cost-Effective Ways To Cool Your Pool

Summertime is upon us. There is nothing better than stepping out into your backyard for a nice, refreshing dip in the swimming pool. But what happens in those sun-drenched, hot climates when you’re looking for some cool water? It’s quite common for a pool’s water temperature to reach the low 90’s, not very refreshing. So how do you cool down pool water and are there cost-effective ways to do this? Well, you will be happy to know, yes, you can cool down your pool and yes, there are cost effective ways to make this happen and our swimming pool builders San Antonio team have the best advice for you. 

Air your Pool Out

What pools need to keep their waters cool is air. So, laying a cover across your pool during the summer will only keep the air trapped, warming your pool even more. The easiest and very cost-effective way to cool down your water would be with an aerator. These are attachments that you can plug-in or screw into the side of your pool. The aerator then emits a fountain of water back into your pool. This fountain of water will have oxygen introduced to it, causing the water to cool before it goes back into the pool. The constant flow can easily drop your pool temperature by roughly 4 degrees.

Pool Cooler options

Another cost-effective solution is a pool cooler. This device works much like an aerator, but its build allows for the pool to send out a large cool mist curtain that kids love to play in. It transfers the warm pool water, shooting it back into the pool and uses the same cooling oxygen effect to bring your pools water temperature down. Another benefit of this pool cooler is in its ability to help maintain chemical levels. Chlorine is broken down by the sun, but with the pool cooler, the heat is moved out of the pool, allowing for the chemicals to have more effect.

Practical Pool Cooling Solutions

A practical solution to cool down your pool would be to run your pool filter at night. The air is cooler at night, thus allowing for the water temperature to drop.

Perhaps your pool is one that gets a lot of sunlight during the day. One way to combat this issue would be to install an awning, or perhaps two, that will shape your pool during the heat of the day. This will also allow for airflow to continue, which also can help alleviate the water temperature.

These cost-effective solutions, if done properly, can easily turn your uncomfortably warm pool into a cool and welcome way to relax and have fun during those hot summer months. To get started on getting the coolest pool in Texas, call Sanchez Pools today to get started.

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