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How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in Your Pool

A pump on a swimming pool plays a vital role. When it does not work properly, it means that your pool will not be able to move and filter water. This results in your pool having dirty and unfiltered water that is not good for swimming but when this happens, we recommend you get leaf and debris pool covers

When you notice tiny air bubbles on the water surface in your pool, you should consider checking the pool pump. It is advised by our swimming pool builders in San Antonio Texas to fix an air leak in your swimming pool as soon as possible to eliminate chances of undertaking costly repairs down the line and before they cost you the fun brought by enjoying a dip in your pool.

5 Reasons Why Air Might Be Blowing through the Pool


1. Reduced Water Level

When the water level in the swimming pool becomes too low, it causes the skimmers to start gulping air.

2. Bleeder Valve

Air bubbles can be seen in your pool if they sneak through the bleeder valve if your filter has one. Air could sneak in through the bleeder valve and care ought to be taken to shut it off from the tank.

3. Pump Lid

Air can find its way into your filter via the pump lid of the area surrounding it. An overstretched or split o-ring to a cracked split could be responsible for letting in air due to the suction process being at its strongest on this point.

4. Cracks in the Skimmer

Cracks in the skimmer can cause of air entering your swimming pool. As your pool ages, it may settle and the resultant movement of its weight can lead to cracks present in the skimmer. When your skimmer has cracks, it enables air to permeate through thereby causing the presence of air bubbles in your pool. Pool remodeling San Antonio technicians typically find cracks in the skimmer about 70% of the time when they get called out for a resurface or remodeling job.

5. Cracked Lines Between the Skinner and Pump

Lastly, air could be entering your pool via cracked lines present between the pump and the skinner and this is why it’s important to have a pool crack repair and avoid further problems.

Pool Pump Blowing Bubbles Service Tips: How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in Your Pool

Almost all swimming pools endure air leaks in their system. You should be well-armed with the right knowledge to know the things to look out for and be more prepared. You should ensure that your pool’s water level remains at ½ and ¾ over the skimmer openings to avoid the system from gulping in air. Your pool should be inspected thoroughly by a qualified technician before any pool season in order to avoid an air leak. If the inspection establishes that your o-ring is overstretched or split, you should prepare to replace the lid or o-ring in order to make the problem disappear. These parts ought to be replaced as compared to attempting to fix the situation. Any kind of movement in the pump fitting should be dealt with immediately as it is capable of bringing in tons of air.

Cracked lines between the pool pump and the skinner could lead to air passing through into your system between them. A pressurization test to check whether the line still holds its requisite air pressure should be conducted by a professional to establish the final results. Contact Sanchez Pools for pool pump blowing bubbles service today.

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