Hayward VS Ecostar Pump


Hayward VS Ecostar Pump Features:

  • EcoStar’s variable speeds (VS) range from 600 to 3450 RPMs
  • Featuring a digital control interface that can be rotated four different ways or removed and mounted on a nearby wall. Making installation convenient and easy.
  • Has a super-sized basket with extra-large capacity for easy leaf removal

 Sanchez Pools will install this product at your location within a 30-mile radius of San Antonio

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The new environmentally friendly, Hayward Ecostar is energy efficient VS (Variable Speed) pump, it’s the most energy-efficient pump at any speed that Hayward produces, the leading pool equipment in the industry. Ecostar pump can save owners up to 90% on energy. It runs at the minimum speed necessary to do the job and can save you money compared to ordinary single speed pumps. Hayward VS EcoStar pump has a Safety Vacuum Release System or SVRS which prevents suction entrapment.



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Product Dimensions

31.2 x 12.5 x 15.2 inches


65 pounds