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What to Do with Your Pool When You’re Going on Vacation

If you’re going on vacation this summer, you may have arranged to have your lawn or pets cared for while you’re away. But have you thought about what to do with your swimming pool? Swimming pools can become murky and overrun with algae if they are not regularly maintained. So, if you want to return home to a sparkling clean pool, follow our seven tips for maintaining your pool while you’re away on vacation.

1. Check Your Water Level

If your pool’s water level drops too low, your filter will not work properly. Before going on vacation, you should fill your pool with more water than usual to prevent your filter from malfunctioning.

2. Set Your Filtration Timer

Filtration systems should run for at least eight to twelve hours per day to keep the water circulating and free of debris. Pool owners that have an automatic timer should program the timer to run for a minimum of eight hours per day. Those who do not own an automatic timer can ask someone to stop by daily to run the filtration system.

3. Check Your Water Chemistry

If your sanitizer or chlorine levels drop too low, your pool will become overrun with algae and this is what causes algae in a pool. Before you leave for vacation, make sure to check if your pool has green algae and if your chlorinator is filled and functioning. If you use sticks or tablets, add extra doses of algaecide and chlorine before you leave. You may also have your pool water tested by a pool specialist to ensure that the pH level of your water is balanced and your sanitizer level is adequate.

4. Use a Mesh Safety Cover

Our pool construction San Antonio specialists recommend using a mesh safety cover to prevent debris, animals, and trespassers from getting into your pool while you’re away. We do not recommend using a solar blanket since it can be dangerous if a person or animal accidentally falls on it.

5. Make Sure Your Pool is Secure

Unauthorized use of swimming pools results in hundreds of injuries and deaths per year. You should secure your pool area by using a pool alarm and making sure that your gates are locked. Also, remove any chairs or tables that could be used to climb over your fences or gates.

6. Find a Pool Sitter

You can relax knowing that a pool sitter is checking on your pool every day that you’re away. A pool sitter can perform daily pool maintenance tasks such as checking your water level, skimming the pool and any other pool-related tasks you assign.

7. “Winterize” Your Pool

It’s important to make pool maintenance in winter if you’re leaving for vacation to avoid algae and bacteria accumulating in your pool. “Winterizing” your pool is a great option if you intend to be away from home for more than one month. To “winterize” your pool, you need to drain the equipment, significantly decrease the water level, add a large amount of algaecide and chlorine to your pool, then cover your pool with a mesh safety cover until you return from your vacation.

If you have any pool maintenance questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Sanchez Pools is your local team of pool specialists and we provide pool repair and installation services.

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