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Why Your Pool Turns Green and How to Fix It

Your pool water turns green when algae grows in your pool. Algae spores can enter your pool through wind, rain or contaminated bathing suits and equipment. When conditions are favorable, algae can grow and flourish at a rapid rate. These conditions include an improper imbalance of pool chemicals and inadequate pool cleaning. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to remove algae and fix your green pool. Follow these steps from our pool builders San Antonio specialists to turn your water from green to blue and have the best advice for your pool maintenance in winter.

1. Remove Debris

Using a leaf rake or bagger, remove any debris from your pool. Removing debris may make your pool look much worse temporarily, but it’ll help you avoid clogging up your filter.

2. Set Your Pump and Filter

Set your pump and filter to run 24 hours a day to help remove algae during cleaning. You may need to backwash your filter regularly to keep it running smoothly.

3. Scrub Your Pool

Scrub the sides and floor of your pool to break the algae up and allow any chemical treatments to work faster. Pay particular attention to areas where you can see algae build-up.

4. Balance the pH

Before shocking your pool, test the chemical levels. If necessary, add an acid or a base to bring the pH to around 7.8.

5. Shock Your Pool

Add a shock containing at least 70 percent available chlorine to remove algae from your pool. If there’s a large amount of algae in your pool, you may need to shock it more than once.

6. Add Algaecide

Add an algaecide to kill algae and prevent it from returning. You can also add a clarifier to help clear up your pool water more quickly.

7. Remove Algae

It’s important to get rid of green algae in the pool because when the algae in your pool dies, the water will turn blue and cloudy. Run your pump and filter to help clear up the water.

8. Remove Debris

Once the water is clear, you’ll likely notice debris on the pool floor. Remove any debris to further improve the clarity of your pool water.

9. Retest Your Water

Retest the chemical levels in your pool to ensure they fall within the correct range. If the chemical levels aren’t in range, take appropriate action.
Turning your pool from green to blue will take some time, but with a little patience and work, your pool will be ready to swim in again. By keeping your pool clean and chemically balanced, you can help to keep the water crystal clear. For all your pool needs, visit Sanchez Pools to keep your pool beautiful year round.

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