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Health and Fitness Benefits of Owning a Pool

The difference between swimming in public swimming pools in San Antonio TX and owning a pool offers a myriad of benefits to the homeowner in San Antonio and can be a great source of joy for the entire family. But, it also offers a variety of health and fitness benefits that will enhance your life. Here are some of the major benefits that adding a pool to your backyard will provide:


Yes, you could easily get a membership at a local gym and enjoy the pool facilities there. However, it may not be very close, the facilities could get very crowded, and the monthly fees could better be applied to a new fixture at your own home.

Walking out your back door and into your own pool couldn’t be more convenient. As one of the top San Antonio Pool Builders Sanchez pools takes time to design and plan the most enjoyable pool experience our clients will gain. Refreshments, water, and snacks are right there, and showers with fluffy, warm towels are also within a very short distance. Family and friends can join you at a moment’s notice without worrying about guest fees, parking, and correct swimwear.

Challenges your muscles

The pressure of water will cause your muscles to work harder when you exercise in your pool. This water resistance can also assist with weight loss if that is one of your goals. There are cardiovascular benefits to pool exercise; blood will move much more quickly through your body to assist in warming it up, especially if you are in cooler water.

Easy on the joints

If you are older or have joint issues, water exercise is much easier on your body. Jarring aerobics and running may just be too much for you, and the cushioning effects of water may be just what you need to have a satisfying workout without stressing your hips, knees, or shoulders.

Helps relieve stress

Swimming laps in your new pool can help relieve stress at the end of a long busy day. It can also proactively assist you in relaxing and rejuvenating your body before you go to work or school. Going through an exercise regime at any time can calm and prepare you for the busy life you lead.

A fun way to stay active

You can mix exercise with pleasure in your new pool. Play a rousing game of water volleyball or basketball. Make it a focal point during summer holidays and school breaks by holding coin and soda dives and belly flop contests with your children and/or grandchildren. Hold races for everyone and have silly prizes ready for the winners. Joining in all of this physical activity will have you fit and trim in no time at all. Just like the gym, pools can carry some pretty nasty germs, ensure you keep your pool clean using a pool cleaning service in San Antonio to prevent any bacteria or communicable diseases. And if you’re having a hard time performing these activities during winter, don’t worry! there are many things you can do to prepare pool for winter.


You may be very self-conscious about donning a bathing suit in front of strangers or you may just want to wear whatever you want in the water. Privacy is important to you, and you want to relax and work out without the interactions with and views from strangers. Privacy may be ultra-important when it comes to dressing and showering, and nothing can beat doing this inside the walls of your own home.

As you can clearly see, adding a pool to your property will give a whole new meaning to your health regime. It will open up new possibilities for staying fit and active while providing fun and entertainment for the entire family. Contact Sanchez Pools today to add a pool to your home!

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